Why Your IT Company Needs WLG

5 Reasons Why Your IT Company Needs WLG

As the world experiences geopolitical conflict and its economic impact, IT roles are highly sought after. That said, finding an IT specialist with the required experience, subject knowledge, and capability is becoming harder.

The answer for organizations with open IT vacancies who can’t seem to fill them? An IT recruitment agency.

But why does your IT company need IT recruiters like [Work Life Group]?

Here are 5 key reasons your IT company needs WLG.

IT recruitment agencies - what you need to know

Before we jump into the key reasons why your IT company needs an IT recruitment agency like Work Life Group, let’s first define what an IT recruitment agency is and explore what we do.

What is an IT recruitment agency?

An information technology (IT) recruiters are just like your standard recruiters, but with a specialism and niche into IT. IT recruitment agencies like Work Life Group source, screen, and recruit [applicants] for IT roles.

Who uses an IT recruitment agency?

Companies who leverage information technology (the vast majority of them) benefit from IT recruitment agencies like Work Life Group. It doesn’t matter whether the enterprise is classed as “small” or “large.”

Reasons why your IT company needs an IT recruitment agency

Now that you understand the definition of an IT recruitment company and it’s clear why companies like Work Life Group are used, let’s take a look into the benefits of an IT recruitment company.

1. In-depth subject and market knowledge

Filling a role in the IT world can be extremely difficult. IT specialists are often highly experienced as well as few and far between, so simply finding an IT specialist for the role can be challenging; let alone the right fit for your company.

IT specialists are in high demand but - in terms of quality - are low in supply. IT specialists with experience and excellent subject knowledge are often hired by larger, well known companies like Google or Microsoft. The competition is extortionate; it’s truly a candidate’s market. With such high demand and little supply, IT specialists are able to take their pick from the bigger players in the game, making it challenging to hire an IT specialist for your less established corporation.

Using an IT recruitment organisation like Work Life Group means your company is benefitting from in-depth knowledge of the current supply of key talent.

With a volatile and fragile economy, there are growing examples of companies that have resorted to redundancies. Accenture, for example, have recently laid-off 19,000 employees. With 50% of the redundancies occurring within departments that include IT (alongside HR, finance, and marketing,) these job cuts are not alone. In fact, in 2023 - so far - there have been 150,000 employees made redundant by 513 tech companies including Google, Salesforce, and Meta.

Being knowledgable about the intricacies and current state of the IT job market means that your IT recruitment company - like Work Life Group - are able to adapt [their approach] and use the best hiring practices within the ever-evolving IT space. They’re able to see clear opportunities in the market and use them to your company’s advantage when [filling an IT role].

2. Higher quality talent

Hiring an IT specialist is no easy task. IT roles are notoriously difficult to fill. As such, as your time-to-hire increases, you may find yourself bending and compromising on quality just to ensure the job gets done. This is particularly true for roles with higher stakes or more specialist experience.

That said, the consequences of hiring an IT specialist on a tight time-frame can often end in disaster.

Using an IT recruitment agency means that you’re tapping into an extensive talent pool of high quality candidates. Without an IT recruitment agency, you’re running the risk of receiving elaborate numbers of applications from less experienced candidates who are trying to break into IT. By using an IT recruitment agency, these applications are rejected for you, ensuring you’re only met with the best candidate(s) for the role.

Working with Work Life Group, for example, is a highly bespoke service, where all requirements and “nice-to-haves” are assessed and paired up as closely as possible.

You’ll find that using an IT recruitment agency results in better quality talent, and thus hires and employees.

3. Better time-to-hire metrics (faster recruitment)

As a hiring manager, you have a vast list of tasks to complete. Assessment, communication, and interviews with candidates can cause delays in other areas until you find the right hire for the role. Outsourcing your IT recruitment tasks to an IT recruitment agency like Work Life Group means - not only better quality candidates but - a speedier role-filling turnaround.

It’s not only sourcing the right candidate for the role in a swifter time period that helps reduce your time-to-hire metric, though.

Using an IT recruitment agency means that you don’t need to spend countless hours on the labour-intensive admin required. Contracts and other legal documents are processed and chased by your IT recruitment agency, meaning you can focus on the tasks that matter while we take care of your new IT hire without the fear of breaking GDPR legalisations.

4. Lower recruitment costs

When you hire an IT recruitment agency like Work Life Group, you’ll find that you don’t need to use up your recruitment budget.

IT recruitment agencies bring their skills, sourcing methods, and talent knowledge to find the perfect candidate in a short period of time. So, when considering the financial burden of not using an IT recruitment agency, you’d need to consider:

- Advertising fees

- Screening or assessment software fees

- Delegating recruitment to members of your team, meaning they’re unable to focus on their daily tasks and the critical parts of their roles

- Potentially needing to hire a temporary employee while continuing to hunt for the right candidate (costing a considerable amount of time, money, and stress.)

- The possibility of hiring a candidate who doesn’t stand up to the role’s requirements or expectations, leading to the necessity of opening up the position once again.

The above list clearly demonstrates that hiring an IT specialist without an IT recruitment agency often costs far more. These costs are in the shape of finance, time, and productivity.

5. Ongoing support for your new IT hires

Last - but certainly not least - we have to acknowledge the power of ongoing support. IT recruitment agencies like Work Life Group don’t abandon ship as soon as a role has been filled.

It’s evident that hiring an IT candidate and allowing that candidate to evolve into an employee is step one of the journey. It’s also crucial to keep that IT employee in a working environment that is happy, healthy, encouraging, and secure.

Staff engagement and morale is crucial if you’re hoping to keep your IT employee working with you rather than for the competition. Plus, positive staff morale equates to higher levels of productivity.

Using an IT recruitment agency like Work Life Group means that your new hire will receive check-ins with both the hiring company and the new IT employee. This allows a space for transparency and opportunities for allowing the new employee to feel valued and listened to.

Get in touch with an IT recruitment agency today

If you’re struggling to fill an IT role with the right candidate, Work Life Group is here to take the task off your plate.

With a tried-and-tested recruitment method adapted to the bespoke role and company, our mission is to unite your company with the ideal candidate. Working with us means your organization benefits from top-notch knowledge and experience, sky-high quality candidates, a swifter hiring time, a decrease in hiring costs, and continuous support for your new employee(s).

We’re seeing some IT vacancies - which are crucial to the organization’s growth - take between 6 months to 1 year to fill. This is clearly hindering companies progress and is a core issue for members of the team. Working with an IT recruitment agency, though, allows you to reduce this metric considerably. Work Life Group understands the current economic state and can use this knowledge to your company’s advantage.

So, if you’re ready to fill your IT vacancy, [get in touch] with us today.

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